I still don’t get the rules of busking in Turkey. It seems that there are none, except the policemen’s personal opinions. This time they just decided not to bother me. As street performers are probably somewhat rare in a city like Kayseri, the policemen don’t really know how to react when they see me playing.

I go to the same spot I went the last days: the shopkeeper brings me my daily chai and he interrupts me like always. Some people stop and listen to me, some just pass by, some throw coins, some just look at my fingers to see if I have a wedding ring. One toothless man is telling me “I like you” in Romanian, a woman asks me for violin lessons – probably for her daughter.

Looks like it’s my lucky day! It’s raining paper money. 5, 10…20 liras!! The little girls with the dirty cheeks and pierced noses from yesterday, refugees from Syria, are back. This time they bring two more friends – they probably told I gave them some of my income yesterday. They shall not leave without some coins today. They start to dance but seem a bit disappointed that I can’t play happy songs. The smallest one is actually very sweet. She tries to kiss me goodbye but I’m too tall for her.

One teenager is pushing another towards me and who shyly says “I love you”. They both start to giggle and hurry away. I am smiling back. I smile in general. People stop and listen but they are shy to clap. Some drop coins without even looking at me. I want to show them my gratitude but they don’t give me the chance.

After finishing my song two guys approach me. They are from Iraq but it seems they have a good life here. One guy drops a paper of 10 liras, and shortly after asks me if I have a facebook profile.

Ben is back. I’m satisfied with the profit today so we can go. We have to cook for our hosts tonight!

Busking in Kayseri

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