The first project in this section is actually what inspired us mainly to start it as a monthly undertaking and shall shortly be portrait in retro perspective, as our experience of the earthquake itself has been described here already. During our days in Delhi after we made it back to India overland from Nepal we met two young Indians on the street at Connaught Place who tried to gather money, to give it to the Nepal Consulate as disaster relief.

We consequently teamed up – using their sign Maria played her violin for about an hour and Ben helped the two explaining the idea of our money gathering. The deal was, that 50% of the revenue could go to their cause, the other 50% would go to a Nepal related cause chosen by us.

We decided to donate the revenue of the busking session to a small relief project, recommended by our contacts in Kathmandu:

A former member of the German Organization for International Cooperation founded together with her Nepali friend a spontaneous disaster relief fund. We decided to donate to them as they are well connected in Nepal for years, work independently from the government and focus on providing very essential goods (like basic food items, equipment) to difficult to reach areas in and around Kathmandu, that are not much in the focus of the bigger scale relief operations.

It is possible for a limited time frame to donate through the portal via credit card, the direct link to the mentioned project is HERE.

They work together with another reliable partner, CleanUpNepal, that also does great environmental work in Nepal for years and accepts donations as well.

While Nepal vanished mostly from the news, the damage in the country is severe and will have an effect for years. In many rural areas people lost all base for an independent, self sustainable life and the government proved to be unable (unwilling?) to help effectively. So even now we’d like to encourage everybody who can to help Nepal.


Music against madness: playing in Kathmandu right after the initial quake.


Effects of the disaster


Young and old deserve a chance for a bright future


Busking in Delhi for the victims of Nepal


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