A rather small country like it is, the natural beauty is gigantic though and might easily convince you to stay longer than expected. If your passport doesn’t belong to that lucky group, but you travel on a previously applied for, one month tourist visa, you might want to extend it.

Here’s what you have to do to get 30 days visa extension:

Where to go:

To the Department of Registration Population Settlement; address: 58 Kievskaya street, between 9h – 12h.

What to bring:

Your passport, a copy of passport and Kyrgyz visa, passport sized photo, money (1050 Som) and some Russian / Kyrgyz skills, as there might be nobody speaking English.

What to do:

Go there a few days before the expiry date of your visa (I went six days before). You’ll get an application form to fill, and a blank paper to write a short motivational letter about your extension reasons. There is a model in English on the wall, so basically you just have to copy it, changing the details. The last step is the payment in cash. Return after two days, at 5 PM.

Note: If you are CouchSurfing or staying with a friend, you have to give your host’s address and copy of his/her passport. To avoid all this hassle, write down a random hotel name and the address – it worked for me. Make sure the hotel exists, though!


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