The process of getting a Burmese visa in Kolkata is very easy, cheap and straight forward.

Where to go: The Consulate-General of the Union of Myanmar, 57-K Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata – 700019. Phone (Call! Good english & very helpful!): +91 33 24851658 / Fax: 033 24851655 / Email:

What to bring: One passport photo, 1200 Indian Rupees (about 20 USD) and the flight ticket into Myanmar. If you travel overland, you need the proof from a travel agency that they are ready to provide you the special permit (MTT permit) for the Tamu – Moreh area (India – Myanmar border zone).

What to do: Go the the consulate between 10:00h – 12:00h on weekdays. Fill out the form given there, attach the photo and the flight ticket / paper from the travel agency, pay the money in cash and return in 1-2 days to pick up the visa.

What you get: A 28 day tourist visa for Mynamar, single entry, valid for three months from the date of issue.


Our experience: As we were going to travel overland from India to Myanmar we were asked for proof of special permit for the border area. We had contacted Seven Diamonds travel agency before and they told us to get the visa first in order to apply for a permit. We explained this at the consulate and had to forward the email exchange with the travel agency. We recommend to bring already a print of the email to avoid any delay.
We could pick up the visa (pick up time: 14:00h – 16:00h) after two working days, but as there was a holiday in between, even one working day procedure seems possible.

How to apply for the MTT permit: We first contacted Sevendiamonds, who set the price for a single permit fix at 100$. That seemed a lot for a piece of paper in our opinion. Exoticmynanmartour offered the same permit for 50$ per head. For the application we sent a scan of our passport and Mynamar visa and a rough itinerary of our trip in the country. Important: It can take easily up to three weeks until the application is done and the permit is date specific! You have to give the day of border crossing when applying.

*As we changed our plans and never paid for the permit or used it, we cannot tell more about crossing the border itself or the delivery of the permit.


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