From Persia to Arabia

After reading all the collected stories of ‘Arabian Nights’ during many evenings at the fire in Iran, we finally arrived on the Arabic Peninsula – fortunately fully prepared for all oriental magic vanishing in the mirroring windows of Dubai’s sky- and spacescrapers. read more…

Country Review: Iran

“What country was the most amazing you visited so far?” How many times have I been asked that question? And always Iran was the place mentioned atop the list or around the very top. This time was my third visit to the country, as a whole read more…

How to extend your Iranian visa

Being in such an amazing and big country you might quickly realize that one month is just not enough to spend there. So then comes the question: is it possible to extend my visa while being in Iran? Yes, read more…

Street music in Iran

Ask Iranians if street music is allowed in their country and most of them will say: “Don’t do it!” After two months in Iran, my advice for other musicians who are hesitant to play there is: “Do it, take some care and it’s gonna be an amazing experience!” read more…

Esfahan, Nesf-e Jahan

While traveling, you arrive in many cities and leave again. But a certain number of them stays. Some for the experiences made there and a certain smaller number just for the place they are. read more…

One month in Iran

This post is to cover up about one full month in a fascinating place full of so many fascinating people, that it could impossibly live up to the experience we had.

Why didn’t we write earlier?

read more…

Hitchhiking in Iran

Without any doubt one of the most hospitable and traveler-friendly countries in this world, hitchhiking in Iran is definitely a great way to get around. Especially as in recent times of economical sanctions from the West, prices for transport (as for nearly read more…


We are Maria and Ben, a Romanian-German couple driven by itchy feet and thirsty mind. We hit the road to look once more for answers to question that haven’t even been raised yet. Read more>>


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