While being on the many roads of this world leading through many very different places, nearly everywhere we encounter wonderful people. And more often than one might expect, there are those who work hard and unselfishly,  sacrificing a lot to make this world a better place in smaller or bigger scale. Those people offer so much inspiration that we wish to give back something!

We can’t make a big impact through financial support, but this part of our website is dedicated to various great projects we learned about and we find worth supporting. Each project will be supported by ourselves within the bounds of our humble possibilities – for example by dedicating the revenue of a busking session and by portraying it right here, we hope to raise awareness and convince a few more people to come to aid.

So if you got a few dollars to spare at the end of the month and are looking to do good aside from the big obvious choices / organizations, maybe you find an inspiring project right here!


We are Maria and Ben, a Romanian-German couple driven by itchy feet and thirsty mind. We hit the road to look once more for answers to question that haven’t even been raised yet. Read more>>


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