Street music in Tajikistan

This tiny country with a population of just about 8 million people doesn’t offer many options when it comes to street art. There is the capital, Dushanbe, with a population of one million, surely no metropolis, but full of contrasts – from read more…

Street music in Kyrgyzstan

Silence. Space. This is how it felt after arriving from New Delhi straight in Kyrgyzstan’s green and pretty relaxed capital of Bishkek. Where are the people? How would busking work if there are barely any pedestrians on the wide streets? read more…

Street music in India

Long before even going there, many questions stood unanswered regarding the potential of India as a country to play street music. How could it be morally justified to play music for money as a traveler, considering the read more…

Himalayan Tunes

We walked down the steep lanes through the wandering clouds of morning mist covered in many layers, our hands hidden deep in the pockets of our jackets. Those jackets stayed hidden deep in the backpacks for almost read more…

Street music in Oman

Unlike Turkey or Iran, the biggest difficulty in Oman is to actually find a good spot to perform. People seem to spend most of their time cruising around in fancy cars or hypermarkets and shopping malls, so non-motorized street life is read more…

The sound of Esfahan

Shot on a silent evening at Masjid-e Shahr, Esfahan, Iran.

Song: Soltane Ghalbha.


Street music in Iran

Ask Iranians if street music is allowed in their country and most of them will say: “Don’t do it!” After two months in Iran, my advice for other musicians who are hesitant to play there is: “Do it, take some care and it’s gonna be an amazing experience!” read more…

Street music in Turkey

No matter if you busk for great human interaction or just to improve your traveling budget, Turkey is a country which will do for both. Officially, there is no rule that allows or forbids any kind of street art. That’s why you will get completely different reactions read more…

Busking in Kayseri, Turkey

I still don’t get the rules of busking in Turkey. It seems that there are none, except the policemen’s personal opinions. This time they just decided not to bother me. As street performers are probably somewhat rare in a city like Kayseri, the read more…


We are Maria and Ben, a Romanian-German couple driven by itchy feet and thirsty mind. We hit the road to look once more for answers to question that haven’t even been raised yet. Read more>>


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