~Dear old man with funny hat, who took me to Alghero on a lazy sunny Saturday ~

~Dear gently smiling lady, who gave me at the tiny market such juicy oranges~

~Dear Roberto “Cioccolata”, amusing character, who brought me to the colorful town of Bosa, where people would smile at me ~

~Dear floating kites above my head, that wouldn’t listen to the wind’s blow ~

~Dear Nicola, kind man, who showed me the quiet bay where I spent that magic starry night ~

~Dear caves, great wind protection,where I listened to the emotional story of Momo, read by such a delicate voice ~

~Dear sea, mountains, hills, trees ~

~Dear teacher who saved me from the middle of nowhere and whose story I will never know ~

~Dear glowing sun, sometimes hiding behind the clouds, that gently aligned new freckles on my cheeks ~

~Dear wonderful, immense gardens, from where we stole your tasty lemons and oranges,

~Dear Mario and Fatah, kind souls I met on the road~

~Dear friendly drivers passing us by, waving, smiling and most of the time stopping~

~Dear book I carried in my pocket and read with teary eyes~

~Dear birds that sang along with my grieving violin~

~Dear people, lost in thoughts, who stopped and greeted back when I said “Bongiorno!” ~

~Dear young artists that stopped me on the street and invited me to play at your creative workshop ~

~Dear mild-eyed bookshop keeper, with your life lessons and sad tales in that old train ~

~Dear Capo Testa, my little Paradise, where all I could hear was silence and sometimes waves crashing into the amazingly-shaped cliffs ~

~Dear Ben, who made me tea every morning and with whom I sat shoulder to shoulder sharing all the happiness ~

Thank you for making my time in Sardinia so incredibly beautiful! Through you all I understood once more how beautiful this world is! I will not forget you!


Written in Valle della luna, Capo Testa



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