Today on this long and lazy sunday, for the first time since more than a week the rain stopped, the clouds (partly) left and something yellowish could be recognized behind some misty grey: the spring sun.

After a tough and busy week, which depleted most of my energy, mostly due to the grey sky being indistinguishable from the grey walls of the apartment blocks, I felt like DOING something! But I felt reminded to the passed late summer: Where to go, what to do on such a day in Bucharest?

Immediately the energy level went down again and I at least pulled myself together to do some duties in the apartment.

In the evening, I finished the cleaning and organizing with pushing our three big trekking backpacks under the bed, two of them still had the scent of Sardinia’s wind on them. Funny how different it can feel to push an object to a place compared to pull it from a place. Regarding the backpacks, I much rather pull them out from under the bed, that’s sure 😉

And I don’t belong in a city of grey, that’s for sure as well!

And I miss our ‘living room’ of last week….



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